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Lett-Mora [Neutral] - Sandshark - 07-28-2021

[Image: L36rRKL.png?1]
[Image: ZJVkpKJ.png]
Jewel of the Caldera

"You have heard it said,
and by moon's light written,
that far shores lie ahead
under grey skies hidden."
-Ashland Prophecy

Who We Are

Beginning from a core group of Kinsmen, Clanfriends, and Bondsmen from many of the Aurien Ash-Clans,
the group that once called themselves "The Grey Sojourn" has become a full-fledged settlement on Sarea.
Ashkhan Relyn has created a new Clan among the Kerathi, Clan Sarai, naming his people in connection with the land they love.
Motivated by their faith in the spirits of the ancestors and a true union of brotherhood with the spirits of the Caldera they dwell upon,
Clan Sarai works to cultivate a harsh land into a tight-knit community.
Smoke drifts upon the horizon, and magma waits in vaults and chambers beneath the slumbering giant on the eastern shores.

A new homeland awaits the brave.
A strong and powerful spirit blesses the lands of the faithful.

Will you be among them?

Lett-Mora is a settlement-based guild based on the lore concept drawn up here.
Its purpose is to create a fantasy-tribal neutral organization with a distinct cultural influence and a unique choice of preferred land for settlement, as well as a compelling inwardly-focused storyline that prioritizes interactions between characters and exploration of the world and its mysteries over PvP combat.
We hope to provide an environment for trade with the settlements as well as interaction with the unaligned, who may need a place to seek smiths and medicine.

Our settlement has expanded tremendously since it first began, and we're always looking for new friends and allies, especially those with their own plot threads to pursue.
We're currently working on projects involving animated constructs (clockwork/automata), Limbo and the spiritual realm, and aiding the spirits of the volcano.
Stay tuned for further developments!

Laws and Customs of the Clans

1. Life has its appointed time. Kill only in self-defense, and do not raise the dead.
2. The Ancestors are our link to the homeland. Treat their spirits with respect, and honor their counsel.
3. Kinsmen are your strength. Honor your clan and honor our people.
4. All have value to the clan. Even the dishonorable can make up for errors as Bondsmen.
5. All things become ash. Do not weep for the land as the lava crosses, but rise with its tide.

Be courteous to others.
Work to write a collaborative story, especially with rivals.
This is a communal lore-building project, so input and additions are encouraged.
Most of all, have fun!


Relyn Vys

Drahcir Aurielius

Fia Lycia
Sorath el Amaros
Eisha Vys
Vitus Amata

Misaan Caelum
Jameson Daniels
Sylas Vys
Pandora Aurelius
Ariana Alexis
Takeo Valsi
Celandine Rive

Idris Decker

Affiliated Groups
The Church of Amada.
(Note: This organization is a separate guild, and is administrated independently by Drahcir and Alexandra Aurelius.)

RE: The Grey Sojourn [Neutral, Aurien] - Sandshark - 09-12-2021

The Grey Sojourn
The State of Lett-Mora

Under the ashfall, the town nestled in the cleft of the Caldera has grown new life.
Lett-Mora, the town beside the water, thrives.
Nine souls find themselves residing within its sheltering valley. The three original settlers, and six newcomers.

Moreover, three of the six have begun the process of pledging to the clan, whether they know it or not.
Though this clan is yet unnamed, Relyn Vys intends to lead the group on a Great Trial.
His goal: to earn the right to proclaim himself Ashkhan, and to test the will of all their hopefuls.
If they succeed, they will be given the chance to become Kinsmen and claim their place within a new Clan.
A clan dedicated to a new Mountain. A new home. Sarea.

Lumiel Ornus has begun cultivating alliances. Her web of connections has brought a great alchemist, The Physician, to Lett-Mora.
Her research into magic and The Convergence continues alongside that inscrutable mage.
Their discoveries could be of great import to the world of Rhyst in the days to come.

The skilled blacksmith Uladeshk serves the clan's needs in many ways.
Her skills are growing by the day, but her interest lies not only in metals, but in the ancient magics of the lost continent.
She hopes to seek answers in the ruins that litter the Caldera. Why did this ancient culture die out? Who were they?
And what secret knowledge can they offer us, who dwell in Sarea now?

Thank you all for the smooth beginning to our group!
Firstly, we're going to try and go on an event chain to discover the secrets of the mountain, and perhaps awaken its spirit.
Secondly, the three current members have IC been discussing allowing the current Outsiders to join and become full members of the clan after it's properly established.
Several members of the guild have been explicitly named as hopefuls for a full clan membership already, even before the Trial.
All are eligible to join after the Trial is complete if they attended.

If you joined us and want to stay in touch, please contact me on discord at Sandshark#9871 to get an invitation to our discord server.
We will be using it to organize people for events, and to try and help develop your personal storylines with the guild.

RE: Clan Sarai [Neutral] - Sandshark - 10-23-2021

Clan Sarai
Change comes to the Caldera

In a time of turmoil, the village of Lett-Mora has been shaken, but the eyes of its people remain on the horizon.
The Spirit of the Mountain was gravely injured by the Dread-King Nexus Averrant as he broke free of the Caldera years ago.
The Guardians waged war against the Void, all the while not knowing that their Warden Spirits were corrupted by Nexus' magic.
Once they discovered what was amiss, Bag'naros, a Caldera Guardian, called upon the people of Lett-Mora by name.
Soon after, they were approached by Velin, the White Elk to relay a message to the people of Sarea.

"Bring three armies, and fight the Wardens together to free the Caldera spirit. Only together can the Void be overcome."

[Image: dofPllh.png]

Relyn fulfilled his duty, and the message was sent to all his allies.
Warriors from across Sarea rallied to the depths of the Caldera, to Arcadia.
There they faced the Felfire Wardens in epic combat. The warriors of Lett-Mora fought bravely and purified the Warden Spirit at great cost.

[Image: vtIMXyH.png]

Though wounded from the battle, Relyn has recovered enough to make a declaration from the village.
The Grey Sojourn ends today.
From now on, the Kerathi will have a permanent presence on Sarea, which will be known as Clan Sarai.
The Clan now welcomes all Outsiders who will respect their customs.
The settlement here is no longer merely a guild, and it will be more than just a Clan.
Relyn has proclaimed himself Ashkhan by the blessing of the Ancestors.
He is letting the world know that he hopes to build a city on the slopes, and welcomes all to come and dwell in it.

There are few idle hands among the others in the Clan either.

Uladeshk has been promoted to Hearthseer by order of the Ashkhan.
Though she still hopes to perform the rites that will make her appointment proper, she has done much already to earn the spirits' respect.
It is rumored that she works on Clockwork Constructs to defend the village.
Perhaps this is why the Ashkhan has begun to recruit craftsmen and skilled tinkerers.
Those who wish to be involved in such an undertaking should seek the village out and try to meet with its people.

The Physician has established his first major clinic and laboratory in Lett-Mora.
Here he hopes to study Void Magic to understand its effect on the body and perhaps purify the afflicted.
Those who wish to become apprentice healers or work to understand the foreign mana of the Void are encouraged to contact him.
[Image: fgr1SB2.png]

RE: Clan Sarai [Neutral] - Sandshark - 11-07-2021

Clan Sarai
A New Age Begins

The Caldera awakens.

In a tumult of ash and magma, the mountain above Lett-Mora releases its pent-up anger.
Freed at last from the grip of Nexus Averrant, the Last King of Arcadia, the Spirit of the Mountain burns with vitality once more.

It is a long time coming, and it will make for a long story.

In the meantime the village has flourished. Visitors come from across Sarea to mingle in the halls of the Common House.
A new Inn watched over by the culinary mastermind Fleurosa has replaced the traditional gathering hall of Lett-Mora.
Here villagers and foreigners alike come to break free of the world's ills, in an oasis amidst the ash.
From time to time The Ashkhan serves drinks to patrons, giving his hospitality to guests of Lett-Mora.

[Image: XCOb4rJ.png][Image: K5FGQr3.png]

But the Clan has done far more than this in time.
Three of Lett-Mora's finest ventured into the Arcadian Depths alongside Velin, the White Elk.
Among the 24 who united to put an end to the Arcadian King and free the Spirit of the Mountain were these:
When, stalwart rabbit, who has earned the title Vanguard for facing The Arcadian King in deadly combat.
Lenient, first Vanguard of Lett-Mora, who is honored for his prowess against the Black Court.
The Ashkhan, Relyn, who led his group into the depths and brought them home alive.

Their allies "Dirt," Phaedra, Oraka, Garth, and Evras will not soon be forgotten.
All those who stood by Lett-Mora have earned respect and favor here.

[Image: Il8qaox.png]

While the revelation of the Black Court is troubling, a shaky peace descends upon the world.
This is the end of the story of Arcadia and its Cursed King.
It is the end of Summer's Poppy and their star-crossed love.

But this is not the ending of our story.
There are no endings that do not also begin anew.
Lett-Mora survives.
The Mountain survives.
A New Age dawns.

And we mortals must chart our own path into the future, turning away from the follies of old.

A New Generation will be born in this Sarean Springtime.
And New Strength will be cultivated in the hands of mortal men.