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Our Journey Home - Sandshark - 12-31-2021

[Image: Vmj0VAQ.png]

Our Journey Home

Before the seas forbid us.
Before the world trembles.
We seek the vestiges of our homeland.
Let our new world be the ark of the old.

Character/Username/Contact Information
Relyn Vys - Sandshark#9871

Who can attend?
Villagers of Lett-Mora and close allies.

The village seeks to reach the mainland to get to a desolate region where native Kerathi crops are still grown, and where modern Ashwalker animals are raised. They hope they can bring back a breeding population of beasts and enough seeds to cultivate ash-tolerant crops to revive old customs in their new homeland.


Important Ashwalker plants and animals, for developing new crops and recipes.
Cultural dev items for the party to bring back.

Risk Level
Light or Standard, depending on rewards.


Date and Time
Some time after patch day.